Parish Proclaimer

The Parish Proclaimer magazine is produced four times a year in Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn issues. Editor Alex Clouter has produced this informative, interesting and engaging parish magazine since 2009. He edits, designs, produces and delivers the Proclaimer with articles contributed by clergy and parishioners. Alex engages with local businesses to bring advertising income which pays for the print and production of the magazine.

The printed magazine is distributed to local parishioners who attend weekend Masses either in the Cathedral or Poor Clares Convent. There is a stock of magazines in the Gift Shop and in dispensers at the back of the Cathedral. In addition the magazine is available for viewing here on the Cathedral website – past issues of the magazine can be viewed below.

2009_2 Proclaimer Harvest 20092019-08-26T05:49:09+01:00
2009_3 Proclaimer Advent 20092019-08-26T05:48:39+01:00
2010_1 Proclaimer Lent 20102019-08-26T05:47:55+01:00
2010_2 Proclaimer Easter 20102019-08-31T12:20:05+01:00
2010_3 Proclaimer Pentecost 20102019-08-31T12:39:20+01:00
2010_4 Proclaimer Harvest 20102019-08-31T13:02:22+01:00
2010_5 Proclaimer Advent 20102019-08-31T13:57:48+01:00
2011_0 Proclaimer Lent 20112019-09-13T06:06:16+01:00
2011_1 Proclaimer Easter 20112019-09-11T06:33:59+01:00
2011_2 Proclaimer Pentecost 20112019-09-11T06:48:44+01:00
2011_3 Proclaimer Harvest 20112019-09-11T06:51:26+01:00
2011_4 Proclaimer Advent 20112019-09-11T06:54:41+01:00
2012_1 Proclaimer Lent 20122019-09-11T07:54:41+01:00
2012_2 Proclaimer Easter 20122019-09-11T17:23:51+01:00
2012_3 Proclaimer Pentecost 20122019-09-11T17:27:09+01:00
2012_32 Proclaimer Harvest 20122019-09-13T06:13:05+01:00
2012_4 Proclaimer Advent 20122019-09-11T17:30:28+01:00
2013_1 Proclaimer Lent 20132019-09-11T17:47:19+01:00
2013_2 Proclaimer Easter 20132019-09-11T17:47:42+01:00
2013_3 Proclaimer Pentecost 20132019-09-11T17:48:02+01:00
2013_4 Proclaimer Autumn 20132019-09-11T17:48:24+01:00
2014_1 Proclaimer Spring 20142019-09-11T17:53:57+01:00
2014_2 Proclaimer Summer 20142019-09-11T19:27:12+01:00
2014_3 Proclaimer Autumn 20142019-09-11T19:38:11+01:00
2014_4 Proclaimer Winter 20142019-09-11T19:40:29+01:00
2015_1 Proclaimer Spring 20152019-09-11T19:35:23+01:00
2015_2 Proclaimer Summer 20152019-09-11T19:43:07+01:00
2015_3 Proclaimer Autumn 20152019-09-11T19:46:31+01:00
2015_4 Proclaimer Winter 20152019-09-11T19:49:02+01:00
2016_1 Proclaimer Spring 20162019-09-11T19:51:54+01:00
2016_2 Proclaimer Summer 20162019-09-11T19:54:35+01:00
2016_3 Proclaimer Autumn 20162019-09-11T19:56:57+01:00
2016_4 Proclaimer Winter 20162019-09-11T19:59:41+01:00
2017_1 Proclaimer Spring 20172020-05-11T11:35:54+01:00
2017_2 Proclaimer Summer 20172020-05-11T11:40:23+01:00
2017_3 Proclaimer Autumn 20172020-05-11T11:43:02+01:00
2017_4 Proclaimer Winter 20172019-08-26T05:52:07+01:00
2018_1 Proclaimer Spring 20182020-05-11T11:45:35+01:00
2018_2 Proclaimer Summer 20182020-05-11T11:48:05+01:00
2018_3 Proclaimer Autumn 20182020-05-11T12:03:07+01:00
2018_4 Proclaimer Winter 20182019-08-26T05:32:01+01:00
2019_1 Proclaimer Spring 20192019-08-26T05:30:35+01:00
2019_2 Proclaimer Summer 20192019-08-26T05:31:19+01:00
2019_3 Proclaimer Autumn 20192019-09-22T05:32:20+01:00
2019_4 Proclaimer Winter 20192019-12-23T11:02:53+00:00
2020_1 Proclaimer Spring 20202020-03-21T20:43:53+00:00
2020_2 Proclaimer Summer 20202020-09-09T06:50:53+01:00
2020_3 Proclaimer Autumn 20202020-09-19T16:07:32+01:00
2020_4 Proclaimer Winter 20202020-12-21T15:42:05+00:00
2021_1 Proclaimer Spring 20212021-04-09T20:20:11+01:00