Cathedral Activites

Cathedral Activities

Welcome to the website for Arundel Cathedral – the Cathedral Church for the Catholic Diocese of Arundel and Brighton. Built astride a hill the cathedral sits majestically overlooking the ancient town of Arundel. Henry, Fifteenth Duke of Norfolk, Earl Marshal, was responsible for the commissioning of the present building in December 1868. The architect was Joseph Hansom, known principally for invention of the Hansom Cab, who also designed many other religious and secular buildings.

Originally the church was dedicated to the sixteenth century Italian priest, St Philip Neri (1515-1595). In 1965 when the church became a Cathedral, the dedication changed to ‘Our Lady and St Philip Neri’. Subsequently in 1971, the remains of the martyred thirteenth Earl of Arundel, St. Philip Howard (1557-1595) were brought from the Fitzalan Chapel and enshrined in the Cathedral. The dedication was changed in 1973 to ‘Our Lady and St. Philip Howard’. This final change followed the canonization of Philip Howard and 39 English and Welsh martyrs of the Reformation on 25th October 1970.

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